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Weworkbook delivers intelligent software for training organisations to smoothly manage the complexity involved in compliance, student management and business growth.

Automatic entry and communication functionality minimises human error and maximises productivity meaning more time is spent on delivering quality education.

Featuring a simple and intuitive interface, Weworkbook effortlessly accommodates training organisation growth with no limitations on course numbers, enrolments, or the types of courses that can be managed.


Weworkbook is a cloud-based Student Management System which was established in 2009. The software provides training organisations with an extremely simple, user friendly way of managing everything required to run a first-class training organisation.

Central to Weworkbook is a fully integrated CRM and Student Management System, allowing training organisations to store student information, manage enrolments, update student outcomes, issue custom certificates, leave file notes and much more!

Weworkbook has also been built to allow for management of enquiries, you might refer to them as leads. By tracking, managing, and following up enquiries using Weworkbook, you can significantly increase the likelihood of converting more enquiries to enrolments, resulting in increased business for you training organisation.

10 ways Weworkbook can help you

  1. All your education course data in one easy-to-use system
    • Keep track of scheduling, locations, materials required, learners, presenters, payments, number of places available and more
    • All of your staff see the same information online, on any device, 24/7
  2. Increased efficiency
    • Avoid double booking of venues and/or educators
    • Capture enquiries from your website any time of the day
    • Reduce paper handling, reliance on personal email systems, duplication of effort and double data entry
    • Timely and accurate information to educators and learners
    • View enrolment levels to actively recruit or inform cancellation decisions
    • Create certificates, on your template, through the system
  3. More enrolments from enquiries
    • Capture information from the first enquiry contact – to manage your leads and opportunities
    • Immediate allocation of enquiries to the right person for follow-up
    • Match course vacancies to the best opportunities
    • Measure promotion success by tracking all enquiries from source to outcome
  4. Streamlined course scheduling
    • Give your team and educators a common view of all course programs - when, where, how long and who is involved
  1. Easy communication
    • Enter learner details straight into the system
    • Send course information, notifications, confirmation and updates
  2. Quick and easy reporting
    • Use an out-of-the box report or customise as needed
    • Filter by location, course, educator and more
    • See how well your leads are converted, courses are utilised and much more
  3. Secure data
    • No need to worry about losing data, backing-up or virus threats
    • Your data is always easily accessible and retrievable even when you archive
  4. Low cost set-up
    • No limit to the number of users you can link into the system
    • We can assist you with uploading your existing data
  5. Simple to use and get started
    • Weworkbook is designed so that you and your users can get started with minimal training
  6. Support
    • We are happy to support you in setting up your system
    • We are happy to continue to support you in using your system

Changing systems may not be as hard as you think – talk to us, we can help

We can help you move your system – whatever it is – to the Weworkbook online system – accessible wherever you are – no more lost files!

As a training organisation you’re used to putting in a lot of work to schedule, administer and report on your training courses. Why do more work than you need to?

Increase your efficiency and productivity with Weworkbook – allowing you to focus on growing your business



Weworkbook is the Student Management System for Training Organisations that want to grow their business. Through automated opportunity lists and the ability to manage enquiries in bulk, Weworkbook supports training organisations that aren’t satisfied with simply ‘going through the motions’.


Weworkbook effortlessly manages compliance requirements set by regulator bodies and provides you with the tools and reports you require to stay on top of compliance year-round.


Is it time to start automating your RTO? Weworkbook can handle many of the repetitive, time-consuming tasks that staff are currently responsible for. Stop wasting time on tasks that technology can handle for you.


Capture student data immediately and automatically through website enquiries and enrolments. Common Student information is captured on your website and automatically populated in your Student Management System saving a significant amount of time of data entry.


Financial ease for training organisations through Weworkbook’s integration with Xero. This ensures invoices and payments are accurately reflected in both systems and less administration time is spent.


Let’s talk licensing. Weworkbook is free to access. All training providers are encouraged to create a complimentary Weworkbook profile and get started scheduling courses and enrolling students. Once 10 enrolments have been entered in a calendar month, the training provider will move to one of the below paid options. If you know a training provider that can benefit from utilising Weworkbook, encourage them to get in contact with our team for a personalised demo.

Kickstarter license

$150 + GST per month (can be paid annually)

2 staff/trainer logins

Unlimited enrolments

Complete system functionality

$1500 + GST data migration via NAT files (If required)

Enterprise license

$300 + GST per month (Can be paid annually)

Unlimited staff/trainer logins

Unlimited enrolments

Complete system functionality

$1,500 + GST data migration via NAT files (If required)


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