What it takes to minimise AVETMISS errors and warnings

Student Management SystemAVETMISS reporting is one of the biggest challenges facing training organisations and with increased enrolments, the stress of meeting requirements grows.

Weworkbook recognises the complexity of running a training organisation, even without the stress of AVETMISS reporting which is why our intuitive checks are a feature we’re most proud to present.

Why? Because in 2019 100% of Weworkbook’s users were able to maintain their AVETMISS reporting requirements, with a combined 18,592 validated enrolments.

Check out the intuitive validation checks and report features of the Weworkbook software below:

Address Checkers

Weworkbook has developed a tool that is integrated with Australia Postcodes to ensure all student addresses that are stored against student profiles are accurate.

Profile Consistency

We also check that gender and titles are consistent across all data, ensuring no little mistakes.

Anticipated Completion

Using course data, Weworkbook identifies the anticipated course completion dates and cross-references the data with student outcome dates.

School and Age Check

Weworkbook will cross-reference the school status and age of learners, highlighting if the age is inconsistent with the year of school completion.

School and Age Check

Weworkbook will cross-reference the school status and age of students, ensuring the age is consistent with the year of school completion.

Missing Data Reports

If there are any required AVETMISS data missing, Weworkbook allows users to identify and rectify before validating data.

Weworkbook is the ultimate choice, providing confidence, clarity and peace of mind to training organisations that they are meeting their AVETMISS reporting obligations accurately and on time. Book a demo today and learn exactly how we make AVETMISS simple.



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