Four tips for RTOs when reviewing software

Student Management System The training delivered by training organisations is undoubtedly the most important part of business, however, student management systems do come a close second.

Whether newly entering the industry or an established training operator, the right system can assist in launching business growth, while also fulfilling day-to-day management and compliance requirements - but not all student management systems are the same.

Over time, your needs may alter and a system that suited your business in the past may now prove to be clunky, expensive or ‘behind the times’. How do you establish if you need to break up with your student software system? Keep reading to discover our 4 tips.

1. More than a pretty face

The complexity of AVETMISS reporting standards and other common compliance obligations are continually changing in the VET industry, so it’s important that the software you choose can handle the tricky requirements from a technology development perspective.

Some software has a slick website and presents a clean user interface, but they’re merely a pretty face. It’s crucial that your software choice can meet your requirements from a functionality and compliance perspective first.

2. Proven experience

It is important to ask potential providers how long they have been servicing the training industry and how many clients they have worked with. You should also seek out testimonials which are often available on a software provider’s website.

3. Support and guidance

Support is not merely reserved for the early stages of a new student management system. With new features and changes in reporting guidelines, it’s important to know if you’re going to be valued when you’re a stable customer too. Ask these questions of your current student management system:

If I need assistance when navigating the software, where do I go?
Will I need to speak to someone offshore?
Will I need to lodge a support ticket and wait 3-5 days to hear back?
Can the provider offer human to human training?

4. What’s your price?

The training industry is no stranger to over-priced, complex licensing structures which penalise training providers with increased costs as the business grows.

When deciding upon a student management system you should consider not only what your starting monthly fees will be, but also how much you will be paying in the future if you intend on growing your business, staff, and enrolment numbers as these factors often result in increased software fees with many tech providers.

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