What does working remotely mean for your training organisation?

Student Management SystemWorking and learning remotely has fast become a central topic for modern businesses and whether we like it or not, it’s fast becoming a standard reality too.

So what does that mean for training organisations?

This largely depends on the Student Management System used by training organisations as many of these providers will require higher fees to enable more logins for your team. However, Weworkbook users can breathe a sign of financial relief because Weworkbook provides a singular licence that covers logins for your entire team, whether that be a boutique training provider or a national, multi-office organisation. Not only that, unlike many other Student Management Systems, Weworkbook also offers unlimited enrolments meaning you’re not being charged extra for the success of your training organisation.

Moving beyond financial implications, communication is taking on new-found importance in all spaces - so now is the time to step it up! Clear and actionable communication is considered standard when delivering online training, however, during the current climate communication can benefit from being more frequent and having a personal yet professional tone. To build continual rapport with students consider providing tips on learning from home, removing distractions and even setting activities to get students to communicate with each other.

Weworkbook is the ultimate choice, providing confidence, clarity and peace of mind to training organisations that they are meeting their AVETMISS reporting obligations accurately and on time. Book a demo today and learn exactly how we make AVETMISS simple.



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