• How do I install the outlook plugin for windows?
    For a simple demonstration for installing the outlook plugin, you can watch this video HERE!
    1. Log into Weworkbook
    2. Go to the ‘People’ tab on the left of the page and press on ‘Outlook plugin’ at the bottom of the list.
    3. Press ‘Download’ under download plugin for windows (option here for mac users too)
    4. Open Zip file on your computer and click the ‘setup’ application.
    5. Press ‘Install’.
    6. The plugin should automatically be installed to your outlook.
    How to check/use the plugin:
    1. Open outlook and open an email received from a student. At the top of the email there should be a tab called ‘Weworkbook’.
    2. Press the ‘Weworkbook’ tab and login using your Weworkbook user credentials.
    3. A pop-up window will show, giving you the ability to save the email in 3 different locations – Enquiry record, enrolment record (drop-down box selection) or in student notes by clicking ‘Add note’ at the bottom of the window.
    4. Open up Weworkbook and go to the student.
    5. Scroll down the student page, where the note should be sitting under ‘notes’.
    For a more in-depth overview of the plugin, watch this video!
  • Home Page Views

  • Can you explain to me the My Roles, Jobs on the Go, and Latest Updates icons seen on the Home Page? What are they about?
    These icons give you different views of the tasks you are currently involved in Weworkbook system. a. My Roles – allows you to view your tasks according to your role (e.g. Client, Supplier, Observer) b. Jobs on the Go – allows you to view all your current tasks. You can move the jobs in this panel, in order of priority, if you desire. c. Latest Updates – allows you to view your tasks according to the time of post. The task with the most recent post will be displayed first. Your view preference will then be stored and will be your default view the next time you log in.
  • How will I know if a user is currently logged in the Weworkbook system?
    You can only see the availability status of users which are on your contact list. Check the dot on the left side of your contact’s image. If it is green, then the contact is online, otherwise he/she is offline. Take note that if your contact is idle for 20 minutes then he/she would be automatically logged out of the system. You won’t be able to know that your contact is already offline unless you had a page refresh.
  • What does the Quick Reply mean?
    The Quick Reply field allows you to instantly post your reply in a particular task, without going to the task details. Once you have saved this, your reply will be reflected on the Last Post section. Posting your reply via the task details is known as the “Other Reply”.
  • Task /Management

  • Can I adjust the due date of my task?
    You can adjust the due date if you are a client of the task. Click on the details of the task on the Home page, then click Edit Task. Update the due date of the task, then click Save.
  • Can I delete a task?
    Yes, any user which is involved in a task has the option to delete it. Just click on the Delete Task link provided on the task details. You will get a confirmation prompt once you delete the task, choose Yes. However, do note that you cannot reactivate a deleted task. You must contact the system administrator of Weworkbook should you wish to do so.
  • How do I attach a document in my task?
    Follow the steps provided in the Task Management: File Attachment section of the User Guide. Note that the maximum file size is ??? and only ??? file types are allowed.
  • How do I set the status of my task?
    There are only two status for a task in Weworkbook, Active and Completed. Each time a task is created, its status is automatically set to Active. If you are a client for a task, you can set the status to Completed if it’s done, by clicking on the “Set as Completed” link. You cannot set the status’ task to Completed if you are a supplier or an observer. We suggest that you post a reply to the task’s client and ask him/her to change the status of the task for you.
  • I found a new task on my Home Page when I logged in. How do I check its contents?
    Click on the details link of the particular task. You will see three images, Members, Reply, and History. You can click on these images and see the related content for the task.
  • I want to reactivate a completed task
    Completed tasks can be found on the Archive section. Search for the task you want on this section and click on the Active link. The task would then be removed from the Archive and be placed on the Home Page, its status set again to Active.
  • I want to remove some of the users involved in a task.
    In some cases, it is necessary to remove some users from the task because of change of circumstances like resignation, etc. To delete these users, click the Delete button on the task details page and select the user that you want to remove from the task. The user will be removed from the role list of the task and a post will be added, indicating that the user was deleted, including who deleted them and when.
  • Some users of the task are not getting involved in the task’s discussion. How can I make them participate?
    Some users maybe too busy to login to Weworkbook to take note of their task’s status. You could remind these users to check out the task by sending them a reminder email via the Reply section of the Task Details.
  • The picture says the supplier, client, or observer is pending.
    A user is deemed as “pending” if he/she has not yet registered in the Weworkbook system. They should click on the link provided on their invitation email for registration.
  • Miscellaneous

  • Clearing Cache and Cookies
    You may sometimes encounter issues on the Weworkbook site that can only be resolved by clearing your cache and cookies. Here’s how to do it: Internet Explorer 6.0 1. Click “Tools,” then “Internet Options.” 2. On the “General” tab, in the “Temporary Internet Files” section, click the “Delete Files” button. 3. Select “Delete Cookies.” 4. Click “Close.” 5. “Quit” the browser. Internet Explorer 7.0 1. Click “Tools,” then “Delete Browsing History.” 2. In the “Temporary Internet Files” section, click on “Delete Files” and select “Yes.” 3. In the “Cookies” section, click on “Delete Cookies” and select “Yes.” 4. Click “Close.” 5. “Quit” the browser. Safari 3.0 1. Open Safari. 2. Select “Empty Cache.” 3. Click “Empty” on the “Are you sure?” message. 4. Select “Preferences,” then the “Security” tab, “Show Cookies,” “Remove All.” Firefox 2.0 for PCs 1. Click “Tools” and select “Options.” 2. Click the privacy icon. 3. In the cookies section, click “Show Cookies” and then “Remove All Cookies.” 4. In the “Private Data” section, click on “Settings” and make sure the box next to “Cache” is checked before selecting “OK.” 5. Click on the “Clear Now” link. 6. “Quit” the browser. Firefox 2.0 for Macs 1. Click “Tools” and select “Clear Private Data” 2. Make sure that “Cache” and “Cookies” are selected. 3. Click on “Clear Private Data Now.” 4. Exit and relaunch browser. Firefox 3.0 for PCs 1. Click “Tools” and select “Clear Private Data.” 2. Make sure that “Cache” and “Cookies” are selected. 3. Click on “Clear Private Data Now.” 4. Exit and relaunch browser. Firefox 3.0 for Macs 1. Click “Tools” and select “Clear Private Data.” 2. Make sure that “Cache” and “Cookies” are selected. 3. Click on “Clear Private Data Now.” 4. Exit and relaunch browser.
  • I cannot find my question in FAQ.
    We tried to put in all the relevant questions about Weworkbook that we could think of, but it is possible that we might have missed some stuff you consider important. If you cannot find the answer to your question or any related information in FAQ or in the User Guide of Weworkbook, please send us an email at support@weworkbook.com or contact us here.
  • Contact List Management

  • Can I add contacts without relating them to tasks?
    Yes, you can add contacts to your Weworkbook community and it’s not necessary to relate them to a task. Please check the Invite to Join section in the User Guide for the ways to do this.
  • Advertising

  • How do I pay for my ads?
    Currently, Weworkbooks only supports ad payment through PayPal. You must register with PayPay if you don’t have an account yet. The use of credit cards as an alternative mode of payment is a future enhancement of the system. Watch out for it.
  • I want to advertise in WeWorkbook.
    Weworkbook supports advertising on its site. You only need to be a registered user of the system in order to advertise. Please check the steps provided in User Guide module about Creating Ads.
  • Is it possible to display my ads more frequently?
    Each advertisement shown on Weworkbook has the same chance of being displayed as the other ads, regardless of the amount of the block credit purchased by the advertiser. We are looking to relate the block credit amount to the frequency of the displayed ads in future enhancement of the system.
  • My ads are not being displayed on the Advertising section
    You need to purchase an ad block credit for your ads to be shown on the Advertising section. If you already have block credit, your balance is most probably zero. Recharge your account to reactivate and display your ads once again.
  • Please explain the fees involved in advertising
    Advertisers can choose among 20, 50, 100AUD block credits for their account. Each time a user clicks on an ad, an amount of 5 cents ($0.05 AUD) is deducted from their block credit. Example: Ad with block credit of 20 gets 2 clicks.

    Balance Credit = 20 – (2*0.05) = 19.90 AUD

    Once the balance credit has reached zero, ads of the advertiser will not be shown anymore on Weworkbook. The system supports recharging of account to build on the block credit balance.
  • User Profile Management

  • Can I delete people from my contact list?
    Yes, you can delete people from your contact list if you had to. Just follow these steps: a. Click the Show All link on the Contact list panel. b. Click the delete image beside the image of the contact you want to delete. c. The system will prompt you for confirmation, choose Yes to delete the contact.
  • Can other users see my activities/tasks?
    Only registered users of the WeWorkbook system who are involved in the particular task would be able to see its details. The other tasks which they are not a part of are not shown to them.
  • How do I search for members in the Weworkbook system?
    Your colleagues may already be part of the Weworkbook system. You can do a quick search on them by entering their email address on the Search box provided in the Home page. Alternatively, you can click the Search Member link on the header panel where you can search on any user by providing one of the following items: a. First name and/or Last name b. Email address c. Business name
  • I have a default profile picture and want to add my own picture.
    Please go through the steps in the Changing Profile Image section.
  • My picture is not showing up clearly.
    a. In some cases where the zoom feature is used on the uploaded file, there can be a loss of picture clarity. b. Clarity can also be lost as WeWorkbook stores the picture as a reduced file size. c. Try to upload another photo which does not require zooming in or zooming out of the picture.
  • What can other users of WeWorkbook see about me?
    If you are not part of a user’s contact list, they can only see your name, email address and profile image at most. If you belong to their contact list, they may be able to see your personal details as well such as address, phone number, and business name. In addition, if the user is involved in any of your tasks, then that particular user can see the details of those tasks as well.
  • Invitation

  • How does the wwbinvite box differ from the invitation in the task?
    The wwbinvite box allows you to invite your colleagues to join the Weworkbook community. The invitation link provided in the task module lets you invite colleagues to be part of the system, and be involved in a particular task, at the same time.
  • I do not have the option to invite other clients or suppliers to a task.
    a. There can only be one customer for a task b. You are an Observer for this task. The rules are: – The customer can invite suppliers, clients and/or observers – Suppliers may invite other suppliers and/or observers – Observers may invite other observers
  • What is the wwbinvite box at the top part of WeWorkbook site for?
    The wwbinvite box gives you a quick way to invite your friends to join the WeWorkbook community. Just type in their email address and click Invite. A link will then be sent to their email address to guide them in registration.
  • Registration/Login

  • How can I encourage others to join WeWorkbook?
    Site these reasons to your friends to encourage them to join WeWorkbook: a. It’s free! b. All you need is a valid email address and you’re good to go c. It protects your privacy – discuss or share tasks to people you just know, lurkers are banned here! d. Never forget task deadlines with the built-in “due date tracking” that WeWorkbook provides (and it’s color-coded!) e. Organizes your tasks like the way you wanted (by role, by jobs or by latest updates) f. Build your own professional community and more!
  • How will I know if my invited guest has joined (registered) with Weworkbook?
    a. Your invited guest will be part of your contact list once he/she has joined Weworkbook. b. If you have invited your guest through a task, the “Pending” image would be replaced with the default or uploaded picture of your guest. Also, if you hover the mouse over the image, it would now display the guest’s name, instead of the email address.
  • I cannot login after my registration.
    Only registered users can login to the Weworkbook system. a. Upon submission of your registration details, an email will be sent to you for verification of your email address. b. To complete the registration process, you must click on the provided link in the confirmation email.
  • I did not get any confirmation email after registering in to the system
    These are the steps that you can follow to check this issue. a. Double-check that you’re using the same email address you’ve provided during registration. b. There may be some delays in the receipt of the confirmation mail due to network issues or it could be that the email was sent to your junk/spam folder. For the former case, try to check your email regularly within the day of registration to see if the confirmation letter is received. If it’s the latter, configure your mail account such that emails from the Weworkbook system are placed in your Inbox and not your junk/spam folder. c. If scenarios a and b do not apply, 1. Click the link in ??? to resend the confirmation email. 2. If all else fails, contact the administrator of Weworkbook via this link.
  • I do not want to enter my email address each time I login to WeWorkbook site on my local PC.
    You could check the “Remember Me on this Computer” box on the Login page so every time you enter the Weworkbook system, your login details will already be set for you. Note that if you clear your cache, then these settings would be removed.
  • I have forgotten my password. How do I login to WeWorkbook?
    a. Click on the “Forgot your Password?” link on the login page of Weworkbook. b. Enter your email address and click Find. c. Click on the link to that will be sent to your email address to reset your password. d. Remember that this password may be used with any of your email addresses recorded under your user id in the system.
  • What happens if the registration link email has been accidentally deleted? Do I need to register again?
    First, check your deleted emails. hopefully the email will be found in there. If the email has been fully deleted, contact us and we can help you with a new link.
  • Who should join Weworkbook?
    WeWorkbook is a site designed for collaboration purposes. If you’re part of a business or any kind of group which shares tasks/information with one another, and would like to be frequently updated on its time line and history, then this is an ideal site to use. For instance, project schedules, technical specifications, designs can be shared and discussed in WeWorkbook for an IT environment. On the more informal end, you could be part of a band which discusses lyrics, melody to a new song you’re writing; WeWorkbook system would also suit your purpose. WeWorkbook is open to everyone!