Weworkbook delivers intelligent student management system features for all training organisations to smoothly manage the complexity involved in compliance, student management and business growth.

Automatic entry and communication functionality minimises human error and maximises productivity meaning more time is spent on delivering quality education, instead of time consuming tasks.

Featuring a simple and intuitive interface, Weworkbook effortlessly accommodates training organisation growth with no limitations on course numbers, enrolments, or the types of courses that can be managed.

So, how can it benefit your business?


We understand managing and staying up to date with regulatory body requirements can be taxing. That is why Weworkbook effortlessly manages compliance specifications for training organisations, leaving you with time to focus on other areas of your business.


  • Remain compliant with Australian government reporting standards – national and state based
  • Regular updates made as needed

Watch how simple we make reporting

NAT files

  • Compliant file format for National and state-based reporting
  • Simple extraction of NAT files

Flexibility to report specific courses and enrolments

  • Specify which students or courses you would like to report on, whether it be an entire year, or a custom date range of your choice

Student Profiles

  • Student record keeping in one central, secure system with a single page view, capturing all student details.


  • Assign agents
  • Gather required documentation (visa/passports)

Unique Student Identifier

  • Each student can be assigned their Unique Student Identifier (USI)
  • Have records of students through their USI

Reporting & Analysis

Reporting is quick and easy with Weworkbook. Templated reports are available, or you can customise as needed through filtering by location, course and educator. You can see how well your leads are converted, courses utilised and much more.

Custom dashboards

  • Analyse your business performance and any trends each time you log into the system with our customisable dashboards
  • Make data driven business decisions

System Usage Reporting

  • View your overall team’s performance with business-wide insights on staff activity in the system

Marketing Analysis

Gain insights into:

  • Course demands
  • Learner demographics
  • Referral sources
  • Cancellation reasons
  • Projected enrolments
  • and more

Enquiry Reporting

Report on your enquiries with ease

  • Lead touchpoints
  • Follow-ups
  • Conversions
  • Management



Display your organisation’s logo in your profile—it’s your system!

User Management

  • Create your own users and configure their access rights.
  • You can pick and choose which staff have access to which features of Weworkbook.

Set your time zone

No matter where you operate from, Weworkbook can cater for your needs

Trainer Portal

E-learning cycle

Create Trainer profiles

Store all trainer information in a single profile for quick access including:

  • Personal details
  • Qualifications
  • Contact details
  • Documents


  • Efficiently deliver SMS or email messages to trainers
  • Trainers can contact students via learning portal

Trainer notifications

Provide your trainers with information about their:

  • Courses
  • Learners
  • Venues
  • Resources required
  • Session times

Trainer calendar

Give your trainers and contractors a common view of all training programs that are scheduled:

  • When
  • Where
  • How long
  • Who is involved

System Access

You can give unlimited system access to trainers so that they can:

  • Mark outcomes
  • Update client files
  • Leave notes, anytime, anywhere!

Student Portal


Course materials

  • Students can access their course materials anytime, anywhere.
  • No need to send manual emails containing course materials.

Submit Course Work

  • Eradicates students having to email course work.
  • Students are able to submit course work directly into Weworkbook

Messaging system

  • Increase your student-trainer communication with the Student Portal’s messaging system
  • All messages are saved to student records


  • No need to manually email or communicate course results to individual student – results can be posted on the student portal.


  • Give your students the impression that the system belongs to your organisation with your company’s logo.


Enquiry referral sources

  • Track campaign success and save marketing dollars.
  • One-click drill-down, makes it easy to review the number of enquiries received from any marketing activity.

Enquiry notes

  • Monitor student profile enquiries
  • Create enquiry notes against students


  • Track and monitor student enquiries on a single page view

Enquiry opportunity lists

  • Weworkbook will tell you the enquiries who are most likely to enrol in a scheduled course based on the information they have given, at the time of submitting their enquiry

Deliver course info documents at the click of a button

  • Ensure all enquiries have the information they require to enrol in a course, increasing the likelihood of conversion

Automated follow-up (SMS & Email)

  • Significantly reduce time required for enquiry follow-ups by automating the process, eradicating the need for a staff member to do so, or having to hire excess staff.
  • Send automated SMS or emails to student enquiries about course content

Track cancellation reasons

  • Convert a higher percentage of enquiries to enrolments.
  • Weworkbook makes it easier to fill course vacancies.
  • Providing a clear view of vacancies, conversions and reasons for non-enrolment.
  • Identify areas for improvement to maximise sales.

Assign enquiry follow-ups

  • Create workflows for other staff ensuring no enquiry slips through the cracks

Trainer unlimited system access

  • Trainers can mark outcomes
  • Update client files
  • Leave note anytime and anywhere

Student Management

Create student profiles and store student details

  • Student record keeping in one central, secure system with a single page view, capturing all student details

Store student enquiry and enrolment details

  • Information will always be captured in one place from enquiry to course completion
  • Prevents no student to slip through the cracks

Send student communication via SMS or email

  • Increase client communication
  • Communication is stored against student records

Attach documents against learner profiles

  • All student related documents stored in a secure environment which can be accessed anytime, anywhere

Student updates

  • Provide the highest level of student services possible
  • Send students course information, notification, confirmation and updates
  • Automated or user driven via SMS or email

Create file notes against student profiles

  • A documented audit trail, detailing all student interactions which are time and date stamped
  • All users can view notes made by other users, so it is easy to see contacts and outcomes

Student USI verification

  • Remain compliant with government standards
  • Verify students USI
  • Easily identify students

Course Management

Course Involvement

  • Schedule courses
  • Enrol students
  • Assign trainers
  • Allocate resources required
  • Identify session locations
  • Payment plans and invoices
  • Increase learner outcomes through clear scheduling
  • Reduce costs by streamlining course scheduling & enrolments


  • Issue certificates using customised templates individually or in bulk
  • Build your own certificate templates
  • generate certificate for students with all the relevant data already pre-filled

Track course success

  • Analysis tools capture course demand and attendance
  • Identify areas for improvement to focus sales and resources
  • Monitor course enrolment quotas allowing you to identify enrolment opportunities available to you

Specify course defaults

  • Configure default settings for different course training locations to reduce repetitive, data entry and save time!

Trainer calendar

Give your trainers and contractors a common view of all training programs that are scheduled:

  • When
  • Where
  • How long
  • Who is involved

Customer Relationship Management

Our CRM and student management system allows for efficient lead capture, allocation of enquiries to the relevant person, and tracking through the registration funnel. Weworkbook will also match course vacancies to the best lead opportunities available and measure promotion success by tracking all enquiries from source to outcome


  • Automate enquiry follow up, ensure no enquiry slips through the cracks and eradicate the need to increase staff workloads/ hire more staff.
  • Increase client communication, you can send more if its automated.

  • Save a significant amount of staff time sending repetitive, time consuming communication and documents to students by allowing Weworkbook to do it for you
  • Stay on top of student minds with regular emails/SMS of courses and upcoming content

Outlook Plugin

Install Weworkbook’s Microsoft Outlook plugin that lets you transfer student emails directly into student notes, enquiry notes and enrolment notes, with a simple touch of a button. The plugin also allows:

  • Automated updates to trainer calendar (set the time and date in Weworkbook and the trainer calendar will automatically update)
  • Capture all emails from students without having to copy and paste.


Weworkbook easily integrates with your website to manage all course enquiries and enrolments. It also seamlessly works with Xero through API connections to manage finances.
Using Zapier, web hooks are created that connects you with over 2000+ systems. This feature can significantly reduce time and labour costs, making your life easier.

Web Hook Connections

Unlock the potential of Weworkbook with Zapier, connect to over 2000+ systems!

web hook connections with Zapier

API Connections

integration with accounting software Xero

Weworkbook has API connections with Xero, your finance solution. Don’t use Xero? that’s alright, Zapier offers other finance connections.

SMSGlobal Alternatives & Competitors | G2

Weworkbook has API connection with SMS Global, allowing your business to send and receive SMS


We work hard to ensure your company’s data is safe and secure with us.


Licensed customers are provided with unique usernames and passwords linked to their emails, which are encrypted within the Weworkbook database.


Weworkbook protects all personal information collected in accordance with the National Privacy Principles contained in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). You can read more about it in our Privacy Policy here.


Gain access to system updates immediately, as they are released!


Cloud-based Program

Weworkbook is entirely cloud-based meaning it can be accessed anywhere at any time! No more clunky programs that slow down your computer.

Gain access to system updates immediately as they are released, no need to download new versions

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