Weworkbook isn’t just for the big guys! We proudly cater to training management organisations of all shapes and sizes from around the world.

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Registered Training Organisations (RTO)

RTOs will benefit from a number of Weworkbook’s features including: 

  • Client management system: Track leads from the very top of the enquiry funnel through to registration and beyond. 
  • Manage finances: Weworkbook helps manage finances using integration with programs such as Xero and MYOB, making lives easier. 
  • AVETMISS reporting: Your Australian Vocational Education and Training Management Information Statistical Standard reports can be managed through Weworkbook. 
  • Compliance: Weworkbook effortlessly manages all regulatory specifications needed for training organisations to save you any additional stress and hassles. 


- AVETMISS Reporting

- Government Compliance

- NCVER Integration

- AVETMISS Checker

NAT Extraction

- Simple NAT file extraction

- Compliant file format

- NAT File checker


- Usage Reporting

- Team/staff Performance

- Flexibility to report specific courses


- Track enquiry leads

- Store enquiries against students

- Automate enquiry follow-up


- Monitor student progress

- Students monitor their performance via Portal

- Track enrolments

- Send surveys to students


- Dashboards to highlight business performance

- Customisable to your needs

- Make data driven business decisions


- Manage course finances

- Track unpaid invoices

- Save marketing dollars with marketing analysis

- Finance Integration


- Create student profiles

- Easy student communication
- Create file notes

- Student USI Verification

Short Course Providers 

We understand running short courses is time consuming and can involve a great deal of manual work. Find efficiencies with Weworkbook. 

  • Automation: Get in touch with your students using easy email automation and more. 
  • Student management system: Efficiently capture leads, allocate enquiries to the relevant person, and track students from registration through to course completion. 
  • Scheduling: Easily manage the scheduling of courses, locations, educators and more with Weworkbook’s scheduling and integration features.


- Messages sent between trainers and student

- Create and manage surveys for students


- Issue Certification in bulk

- Send students course information, notifications, confirmation and updates


- Follow up with student enquiries (SMS or email)

- Create Enquiry notes

- Track cancellation reasons


- Students can access/upload all material to learner portal

- Student USI Verification

International overseas student

Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) Institutes 

Weworkbook base the requirements of our CRICOS-compliant software from the EOS legislation and standards listed in the National Code. Plus, we have developed a system that can produce reports submitted for relevant audits. 

  • Interface: Weworkbook’s simple and user-friendly interface manages everything needed to run a first-class training organisation.  Automatically enrol students in relevant courses, manage education agents and accommodation needs, track student incidents and attendance, and more. 
  • Cloud-based system: Access Weworkbook anywhere at any time, with your data backed up to the cloud. 
  • Reporting: Weworkbook provides comprehensive reporting on overseas students, their courses, changes to their courses, visa conditions and so much more. 


- Compliant with Australian national standards

- Australian AVETMISS 8.0 Reporting

- Identify gaps in student information


- Communicate with agent or students

- Bulk SMS or Email

- Monitor student progress


- Upload Passport/VISA and all appropriate documentation

- Assign Agents

- Update agents of student progress


Track & manage:
- Courses
- Agents
- Course attendance
- Course progress
- Student enrolments

Non-accredited Training 

Weworkbook is the ultimate system to help you manage your students and educators alike. 

  • Student management: From registration of interest through to recording outcomes and issuing certificates, Weworkbook flawlessly keeps track of your students and potential registrants. 
  • Reporting: Use templated reports or develop customised analysis about your students and courses to suit your organisation’s needs. 
  • Automation: Create a seamless contact system through email or SMS to stay in touch with your students. 
colleagues working together


- Student progress
- Student inactivity flagged
- Trainer involvement
- SMS usage
- Unit completion
- Low booking alerts


- Overview of training performance
- View enrolments (monthly, weekly)
- Customisable widgets
- Identify areas for improvement


- Record of all actions undertaken by students
- Students upload assessments into their dedicated portal
- Easy communication between educators and students


- Enrol students
- Assign trainers
- Resources required
- Session locations
- Payment plans
- Invoices
- Learner outcomes

VET training

VET in Schools

With the need for skilled careers at an all-time high, more students in schools are turning to Vocational Educational Training (VET). Make use of Weworkbook to keep track of these students.

  • Student management system: Track your students, their assessments and report on the results with Weworkbook’s SMS.
  • Learning management system: Make the most of your time with Weworkbook’s admin assistance, tracking, reporting and programming abilities.

Course & Students

- Follow student progress
- Student Cancelation warning
- Identify course demand
- Integrate with other SMS & LMS software
- USI verification

Data Management

- Data recognition of unit results
- Enrolment, survey, and enquiry data stored
- Simple dashboards to display data
- Simple NAT extraction
- Migrate your data into WWB


- AVETMISS & CRICOS reporting
- Keep student records up to date
- AVETMISS report error flagging


- Easily setup, change and cancel courses.
- Cloud-based – access anywhere, anytime!
- Each user/staff has specified permission settings

Made for training organisations

Weworkbook supports all training organisations, including those that call for reporting requirements.

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