Paid Plans


Everything you need to run your training business, including LMS!

$AUD150 per month + 80c Per Enrolment

Simply Free Features plus…

Activity Log



Automations (2 static)

Surveys (2 Static)

Unlimited Enrolments



Bogged down by too many repetitive tasks? Automate processes!

$AUD300 per month + 80c Per Enrolment

Kickstarter Features Plus…

In-software AVETMISS Check


Website Enrolment

Enquiry Feed

Unlimited Automations

Unlimited Surveys

Unlimited Enrolments


Everything you need to run your training business, including LMS!

$AUD500 per month + 80c Per Enrolment

Automate Features Plus…

API Webhooks

Zapier Integration

Unlimited Enrolments






The whole shebang. For Large organisations.

Tailored Lets discuss your needs!

All Plans Plus Tailored…

Zapier Implementation

Data Migration

Professional Services

Unlimited Enrolments




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Simply Free

Create a free account to get things underway. Ideal for start-ups, and those needing software in place as part of their licensing application. You won’t pay on this plan, until you’re ready to enrol more than 10 trial learners.
$0 Get started for free

Unlimited user logins

Configure your courses, content and surveys

Create trainer records and schedule of courses

Enter up to 10 enrolments

Test up to 10 trial student portal accesses

Free (Email & Zoom) configuration support

Additional Services

Zapier Integration Setup

Providing support assistance to get your company established in the Zapier world, so that you can connect to over 3000+ possible Zapier connections.

$AUD 1,800

One-time fee (ex GST/VAT)

Support & Professional Services Package

Companies on paid plans, may choose to purchase a 20 hour block of ongoing support or professional services time, saving 25% on ongoing service costs.

$AUD 1,800

One-Time Fee or $120 per hour (ex GST/VAT)


Our team can work with you to migrate your historical student data and enrolment records, from another source, into Weworkbook.

$AUD 1,800

One-Time Fee (ex GST/VAT)

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