See for yourself Weworkbook’s student management in action, through videos highlighting how easy it is to use.

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Enrolling a Student

Enrol students into scheduled courses in two or three clicks. Simply search for the student you wish to enrol (or add a new student), and off you go!

Scheduling a Course

Scheduling a course is quick and easy with WeWorkBook. Simply choose the course, set the place, the trainer and the time, and you are all set.

Outlook Plugin Installation

Save time with Weworkbook’s outlook plugin, automatically capturing and transferring emails from outlook to student, enquiry and enrolment notes. You can also synchronise your trainers calendar through outlook with the touch of a button!

Updating Unit Outcomes

Input assessment outcomes for enroled qualifications and units all on one page, whether it’s their competency result or activity dates, it can all be recorded here.

Issuing Certificates

Certificates for your student’s qualifications and units of competency can be easily generated from WeWorkBook with a few clicks of the mouse.

Homepage Dashboards

Review your business processes at one glance, all on one page. With WeWorkBook’s versatile homepage dashboard, you can create as many widgets as you need to better monitor your business.

AVETMISS Reporting

Reporting to AVETMISS with WeWorkBook is a straight-forward process that can be managed all on one page and with a few clicks.

Process Automation

Process Automation allows you to cut out time consuming and repetitive tasks, thus giving your team more freedom to work efficiently.

Made for training organisations

Weworkbook supports all training organisations, including those that call for reporting requirements.

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