It’s ‘micro-credentials’ and if you’re working in the business of managing or employing staff, you need to know what it is.

What is a micro-credential?

So, what is it?

Also known as badging, nano degrees or stackable credentials, micro-credentials are a short, often online study blocks that aim to upskill individuals in areas that may not be available or required in another form of qualification such as a tertiary degree.

In order to earn a micro-credential, an individual will typically complete online activities, assessments and/or projects in order to receive a digital certificate or ‘badge’ as evidence of completion. These credentials can be completed in as little time as a week, or right up to a year.

These courses are low-cost (or free) and, unlike a tertiary certificate or degree, tend to focus on small areas within an industry that and individual may like to improve upon or a company requires them to learn more about. Examples of these micro-credentials include soft skills such as leadership, customer service or critical thinking, through to hard skills such as digital marketing, data analysis or web development.

Why consider micro-credentials?

Typically an individual will complete a micro-credential in order to upskill or refresh their knowledge on a topic. This may be because they are looking to enter a new workplace or role, or perhaps they are simply interested in the considered topic and would like to test it out before committing to a longer form of study.

With that said, employers also benefit from these short courses, with timely training that can address current or future organisational needs.

How can my organisation offer micro-credentials?

There are a number of ways in which an organisation can offer micro-credentials.

The first step is to consider the industry gap or skills you’d be focusing on. These skills should not be currently met through nationally accredited training systems. It’s worthwhile visiting the National Register of Vocational Education and Training, too.

Start developing your course, considering the assessments or projects in which students will need to complete in order to pass. You’ll need to develop or consider the platform that will host your micro-credential, and review how you will acknowledge completions or success. Weworkbook offers a range of features that can assist with this step.

In South Australia, micro-credentials are endorsed by the South Australian Skills Commission and focus on encouraging people to gain the contemporary skills, knowledge and attributes to develop more competitive businesses. (South Australian Skills Commission, 2021)

Should you need, you can also reach out to the Skills Commission for support. 

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